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Tell us about your successes, your professional history, your winning choices and the crucial moments that have marked you. Tell us about how you have been able to influence, innovate and/or contribute personally and through the company or the institution in which you work.

If you have a story to tell us, an idea that worked, an experience to share, or if you just love inspiring and offering your guidance to other Alumni, please contact us at alumni@unitn.it

We’ll work together to build your best storytelling and presentation.

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Tell your story!

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Tania Giovannini
Tania Giovannini, graduated in Sociology in 2011. Today she works in communication field and has founded her start-up, CBS.
Manuela Cipriani
Manuela Cipriani graduated in MIM International Management in 2012. Currently she's working as Senior Brand Controller in L'Orèal in Düesseldorf.
Paola Pedergnana
Paola Pedergnana graduated in Humanities (Lettere) in 2003. Today she is working in the field of communication and events management in social field.
Francesco Gatto
Francesco Gatto got his master degree in 2013 in Management e consulenza aziendale. Now he works as a Family Banker @ Group Cariparma Crédit Agricole.
Silvia Toffolon
Silvia Toffolon, bachelor's degree in sociology, works as a freelance as trainer and professional coach.
Arianna Saiani
Graduate in Management and Business Consulting in 2011. She works as a Business Analyst in Phoenix Informatica Bancaria SpA.
Gianni Girelli
Gianni Girelli, graduate in Sociology in 2000. He is a trainer and founded an his own company in HR area “Penta Formazione”.
Tiziana Mariani
Tiziana Mariani, graduated in Lettere in 2010 working as a Recruiter and Employer Branding Strategist at Tenova.
Briti Deb
Briti Deb got his Master of Technology in E-government in 2010. He founded NarrateAStory.com and works as a Data Specialist in IBM.
Giacomo Gambillara
Graduate in Innovation management, now he works as a Business Analyst at BIP
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